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Do you love Namjoon from BTS' mixtape mono? If yes, then express your love for it with this aesthetic phone case! RM's mono is a playlist full of...




Do you love Namjoon from BTS' mixtape mono?

If yes, then express your love for it with this aesthetic phone case! RM's mono is a playlist full of meaning, soul, love and self-reflection with a soothing and smooth feel to each of the tracks. The playlist starts with the track tokyo. The song almost sounds like thoughts one may have at early hours of the morning when they are unable to fall asleep. In this song, Namjoon has an array of complex emotions. The lyrics, in the beginning, are questioning how sometimes we feel lost within ourselves.

The next track is seoul. At the beginning of the song, RM makes it clear how Seoul has changed him as a person and that his childhood is distant now. He’s lived in Seoul for so long, that he now sees Seoul as his home, especially with him being used to the harmony of the city.

The next track is moonchild.  “moonchild” is a song that talks about how pain is a given in life and that is something that can’t be avoided. As humans, we have to learn how to live through the pain. The lyrics of this song, although in the third person, can be said to be RM talking directly to himself. The track after that is badbye (with eAeon 이이언). For this track RM collaborated with longtime friend, 이이언 eAeon. The song is very minimal in terms of lyrics and is the shortest song in the playlist but it is so powerful. The word ‘badbye’ is the combination of the words ‘bad’ and ‘goodbye’ which could suggest that something happened which may have ended in the least ideal way.

The next track is 어긋 (uhgood). The song is titled 어긋 or as uhgood as it's a play of words. uhgood is supposed to sound like the Korean word 어긋 which roughly means to be out of place. This track reflects on the realization that at the end of the day, as long as we support and love ourselves, we will be okay and calm. It incorporates the theme of love yourself, a theme that BTS constantly reminds us of. This track gives the message that you are the most important person to yourself and that you don’t need anyone else to be happy. The sixth track is 지나가 everythinggoes (with NELL). As soon as the song starts, you immediately get that sense of warmth and comfort. It starts off being soft and soothing, then it becomes powerful and goes back to the soft and soothing rap flow. In this track, RM talks about how we feel pain, but despite this, we must also learn how to embrace this same world that we are living in. This track is ultimately about embracing the things that we have in this life, accepting everything, and taking in every single thing. RM also speaks about the goal to become a better person and to make the most of our time here on Earth because eventually, everything goes. The final track of this playlist is forever rain. forever rain marks the end of the playlist. This is a track where RM pours out all of his emotions in a simple but striking way. 

mono is a playlist that millions of people all over the world can relate with. It can be viewed as a comforting playlist for some people, especially those who feel the same as RM in these songs. This playlist tells a story through each song. It starts off with the uncertainty and questioning of things in life and then goes onto the feelings of pain that we will have throughout our lives. It then ends on a more hopeful message that although people will go through many events in life, these are things that will pass in life.

This phone case is dirt-resistant and can go with any iPhone 6,7,8,X or newer model. This phone case is made out of soft silicone and has an aesthetic look to it. This phone case can also make a great gift for an ARMY, they will be sure to love it! 



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